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Persuasive Discourse


We conduct and publish interviews with professionals, practitioners, independent scholars, and academics working in the fields of communications, economics, international relations, education, and related areas.


Our goal is to:

  1. Help connect the policy, practice, and research communities located in Switzerland and abroad, and

  2. Inspire the work and career of junior professionals, scholars, and academics. 


Our content is being read in over 100 countries.


  1. Paid: Podcast Creation and Production

  2. Paid: Interviews to Spotlight Your Employees' Talent

  3. Free: Join Our SwissPodHub Creative Community

  4. Free: Interviews with Talented Professionals

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  • Interviewees = They present their work, discuss their views, and offer advice to junior scholars and practitioners.

  • Readership = They read the interviews and listen to the podcast in order to gain knowledge and insights about the topics discussed by our interviewees. Our readers come from over 100 countries. 

  • Companies = They contact us to help spotlight their talented employees.



Our interviews, analysis, and research offer us the opportunity to contribute to nine United Nations (United Nations) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We contribute to five main and four secondary SDGs, as shown below. To learn about why each SDG matters, please click on the images below.

Our Main SDG Contributions:

3. Good Health & Wellbeing
4. Education
5. Gender Equality
9. Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure
16. Peace, Justice, & Strong Institutions

Our Secondary SDG Contributions:

8. Decent Work & Economic Growth
10. Reduced Inequalities
11. Sustainable Cities & Communities


“Sorina I. Crisan, PhD, interviewed me in the framework of her ‘Persuasive Discourse Conversations’ and it was great speaking with her. She is highly knowledgeable on issues related to #internationalrelations, works in an efficient, reliable, and committed manner, and is just a great human being to be in touch with!” – Sara Hellmüller, PhD (Read the interview with Dr. Hellmüller, here).

“An amazing opportunity to share my personal journey with Sorina I. Crisan, PhD, who started an excellent initiative to interview #women #scholars.” – Sannia Abdullah, PhD (Read the interview with Dr. Abdullah, here).

“Sorina I. Crisan, PhD, is changing #academia and #internationalaffairs one story at a time. As someone who strives to become a good #interviewer myself, it was a pleasure to answer some of Sorina’s questions about #humanitarianwork, #scholarlife and #books.”  Cristina Teleki, PhD (Read the interview with Dr. Teleki, here.)

“Je recommande chaleureusement Sorina pour son travail exceptionnel en tant que créatrice du blog Persuasive Discourse. Sa capacité à communiquer de manière claire et captivante, ainsi que son choix de sujets innovants, apportent une grande valeur à ses lecteur-trice-s. ” – Author & Journalist Amanda Castillo (Read the interview with Castillo here.)

“Je recommande vivement Sorina pour son travail remarquable en tant que créatrice du blog Persuasive Discourse. Elle m'a interviewée dans le cadre de sa série "The Careers of UN Staff Spouses", une très belle initiative pour faire connaitre les différents parcours professionnels des conjoints des employés de Nations Unies qui doivent souvent changer de destination et s’adapter à des situations très hétérogènes. Ça a été un grand plaisir de collaborer avec Sorina. Elle est chaleureuse, très professionnelle, fiable et engagée. Elle a aussi une grande capacité de communication et propose toujours des sujets passionnants.” – Paloma Redondo (Read the interview with Redondo here.)




  • We conduct interviews with academics and professionals working at international companies, international organizations, consultancies, research centers, think tanks, universities, and various institutions.

  • We publish interviews on this website and share them on social media, in order to help connect the policy and research community located in Switzerland and abroad.

  • We help inspire junior scholars and professionals by asking our interviewees to provide their valuable advice based on their expertise and career trajectory.

  • We inform and educate the reader about the latest work, research, and policy trends in communications, international relations, economics, academia, and related topics.

  • We support girls' education by promoting the work of organizations such as, She's the First.   


We believe in a world where the international relations policy and research communities respectfully share their findings and work together in order to peacefully advance knowledge for the benefit of all humankind. 



We are committed to increasing the level of research transparency and data collaboration between practitioners and researchers working in the field of international relations and related areas, who are based in Switzerland and abroad. As such, we help link the policy and research communities, by conducting and publishing interviews with academics and practitioners working at international organizations, research centers, universities, and various institutions.



  • Respect

  • Collaboration

  • Knowledge

  • Curiosity

  • Peace



  • Suggest practitioners and scholars that we should interview.

  • Propose your own work to be showcased on this website, in the shape of an interview.

  • Recommend public speaking engagements.

  • Let us know if you want to become a part of our team. Send us a cover letter and resume (here), to explain how you can help us grow and achieve our vision and mission. 



Connect with us: Join the Inner Circle Writing Membership by sending us an email here and/or sign up to receive updates about our latest interviews, articles, and podcasts by subscribing to our newsletter here.

Image by Jerry Wang

Help Educate

Persuasive Discourse supports education and would like to invite the reader to find a cause that speaks to them and contribute towards it. For instance, there are many organisations that work in the field of youth or girls' education. Following is an example of an organisation that you might like to consider supporting in the near future.   

She's the First is a non profit organization that works towards creating a world where every girl is educated, respected, and heard. The organization was founded in 2009 by Christen Brandt and Tammy Tibbetts and is currently present in eleven countries. Its philosophy is to work together with local and community-based organizations to make a positive impact in girls' lives. To find out more about this organization, please click on the button below.  

Donate girl ed.

Illustrations: Courtesy of Sorina I. Crisan, PhD, and photo gallery. 

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