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Our Services

We Help Amplify Your Online Impact


  • FREE: We publish inspiring career-related stories with professionals working in Switzerland and around the globe. And, we invite you to join our dynamic SwissPodHub community if you are a blogger, podcaster or online content creator.

  • PAID: We interview your talented employees and assist you in creating a podcast series to help elevate your brand and showcase your team's excellence. The content we develop together can be seamlessly integrated into your marketing strategies.


Employee Talent Spotlight Interviews

PAID: Do you want to highlight your team's exceptional work? 


We conduct professional interviews with your top employees to showcase the talents and experiences of your team, creating impactful content for marketing purposes on your website or to share with other media.


Contact us to elevate your company narrative by putting your exceptional team members in the spotlight.


Our Interviews

FREE: Are you a junior professional looking for career inspiration?

Read our interviews to learn about different career paths and current work accomplished by talented individuals in Switzerland and around the globe. Our content is being read in over 100 countries.

Reach out if you want to be interviewed to share your expertise and advice with others.

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Podcast Production

PAID: Do you need to create a podcast series for your business?


We can assist you in brainstorming, designing, and launching your podcast based on your needs, enabling you to reach a larger audience.

Fill out the form below to have a conversation about your podcast needs.



FREE: Are you a blogger or a podcaster looking to join a Swiss-based community?

We meet twice per month, online or in person, to discuss our work and provide each other with feedback, enabling us to improve and feel supported.

We are working on creating a network of Swiss-based podcasters and bloggers. Reach out if you're one of them.

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  • to get a quote for podcast production,

  • for us to interview one of your employees, or

  • to join our bi-monthly SwissPodHub meetings.

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