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What is Persuasive Discourse
What is Persuasive Discourse
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We conduct and publish interviews with professionals, practitioners, independent scholars, and academics working in the fields of communications, economics, international relations, education, and related areas, in order to:


1. Help connect the policy, practice, and research communities located in Switzerland and abroad,

2. Inspire the work and career of junior professionals and scholars, and


3. Contribute to eight United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

To be interviewed by us or to become a part of our team, contact us at:

To subscribe to our newsletter and learn about how we work, our mission, vision, core values, and UN SDG contributions, please access the button below. 

Our Contribution to the SDGs
Our interviews, analysis, and research offer us the opportunity to contribute to eight United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
We contribute to five main and three secondary SDGs. To learn more about our SDG contributions please access the following button.
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Sara Hellmüller, PhD, 2022.jpg

Sara Hellmüller, PhD

Sorina I. Crisan, PhD, interviewed me in the framework of her "Persuasive Discourse Conversations" and it was great speaking with her. She is highly knowledgeable on issues related to #internationalrelations, works in an efficient, reliable, and committed manner, and is just a great human being to be in touch with!

Sannia Abdullah, PhD.jpg

Sannia Abdullah, PhD

An amazing opportunity to share my personal journey with Sorina I. Crisan, PhD, who started an excellent initiative to interview #women #scholars.

Dr. Cristina Teleki, Persuasive Discourse, Interview by Sorina I. Crisan.jpeg

Cristina Teleki, PhD

Sorina I. Crisan, PhD, is changing #academia and #internationalaffairs one story at a time. As someone who strives to become a good #interviewer myself, it was a pleasure to answer some of Sorina’s questions about #humanitarianwork, #scholarlife and #books.

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PhD Thesis



​Abstract: Although much has been written to explain a superpower’s rationale when deciding to engage in a military intervention, not enough research has been conducted to analyze why their allies choose to support such foreign policy decisions. This thesis combines mathematics with social psychology and international relations to describe a ...


Many scholars, researchers, and companies conduct their work within the fields of persuasive public speaking, perception, psychological distance, foreign policy, and other IR topics. In this section, you will be able to read short interviews and articles highlighting the work of young scholars, as well as that of established academics and practitioners, along with their  vision for the future of their field.

About Founder



Dr. Sorina I. Crisan created Persuasive Discourse in 2020, as a means to teach about effective, eloquent, and persuasive written or spoken communication. Persuasive Discourse not only showcases Dr. Crisan's doctoral work but also stands as a platform for interviews with scholars and professionals working within the fields of international relations, communications, economics, and related areas. 

Illustrations: Courtesy of Sorina I. Crisan, PhD, and photo gallery.

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